January 2018

⇒ Customer satisfaction survey 2018 (10 short questions, duration approx. 7 min)

The survey will be online throughout the whole year 2018…

Give us your support in a cause that is of our uttermost concern:
Excellent technology, Excellent service, Excellent measurement results!

Please note:
To assure the quality of the survey results, the participation is password protected.
If you would like to participate, but you have not received your password yet, just write us a short e-mail. We will send you the password immediately.

February 2018

Ecoraffle: Winners Announcement

Having an idea is exciting, but worth nothing if you cannot test it.
How nice would be the opportunity to try something, just like that, for free…

Interested scientists had this chance last December, at the joint international annual meeting of the BES, GfÖ, NECOF and EDF in Ghent with the participation in our raffle “Ecoraffle“.
A complete dendrometer measuring system consisting of any combination of 4 types of dendrometers, including data logger for free use over a period of 6 months, was raffled off:

Now the winning lot has been drawn:

The winner is the participant with lot number 5!

Prof. Dr. Gert Rosenthal,
Head of the department of „Landscape- and Vegetation Ecology“
at the University of Kassel

Our congratulations!