Radius dendrometer rugged (DRW)

The DRW is the ruggedized version of the DR dendrometer type. Additionally to the features of the simple DR version, the DRW dendrometer is modified for the use under especially harsh environmental conditions. A soft, weather-resistant rubber coating, protects the whole sensor from ingress of water and solid particles.

Advantages (additionally to DR type)

  • Suitable for measurements underwater, under snow cover and under heavy exposure to dust (e.g. volcanic ashes or desert dust, etc.)
  • Suitable under exposure to corrosive seawater spray


  • Trunk is injured by drilling (the damage can be minimized by tree resin)
  • Suitable only for larger trees (diameter > 8 cm)


  • Complete with 5 m cable

Options / Ordering Information

  • Cable extension (please specify in meters)
  • Installation tools (tree resin, hand drill)
  • Data Logger

Technical specifications

Name Rugged Radius Dendrometer (DRW)
Suitable for plant size Diameter >8 cm
Range of the sensor 11 mm
Accuracy ±1.5 µm ± 0,12% (CR1000 data logger)
Resolution 0.2-2.6 µm (dependent on data logger used)
Linearity <1%
Thermal expansion coefficient of the sensor <0,2 µm/K
Operating conditions Air temperature: -25 to 70 °C, air humidity: 0 to 100%