The Equitensiometer (Equilibrium tensiometer) is a device for maintenance-free measurement of soil matric potential (suction, water availability for the plants). This device is based on a patented new principle and has many advantages over the normal water-filled tensiometer.


  • Wide measurement range from 0 to -1500 kPa (compared to water filled tensiometer 0 to -85 kPa)
  • Independent measurement of soil properties
  • High accuracy: + / -10 kPa or 10%
  • Long-term stability due to a patented manufacturing technique
  • Absolute maintenance-free even under frost conditions
  • Ease of use
  • Used worldwide for more than 10 years


  • The Equitensiometer is suitable for stationary long-term monitoring of matric potential in soil

Data Sample

More than 5 years continuous measurement of matric water potential with EQ15. Plot Kranzbergerforst, Technical University Munich

Available Models

  • EQ15/Basic for use in up to 40 cm depth
  • EQ15/Adapter for use from 40 cm depth

Options / Ordering Information

  • Cable extension (please specify in meters)
  • Extension pipe for EQ15/Adapter (available lengths: 0.5 m, 1 m, 2 m)
  • Installation auger for EQ15/Adapter
  • Handheld
  • Data logger



Technische Daten

Measuring parameter Matric potential of soil
Range 0 to  –1500 kPa (0 to –15 bar)
Accuracy Between 0 kPa and -100 kPa: ±10 kPa
Between -100 kPa and -1500 kPa: 10%
Hysteresis Very low, can accurately follow any changes of matric potential in soils
Use area Monitoring of soil hydrology, plant physiology, soil water status,
Irrigation control etc.
Environment Wide ranging soil types for long periods
Interface Input requirements: 5-15 V DC, Current consumption: max. 23 mA, Output
signal: 100 -800 mV DC.
Case material Stainless steel
Dimensions and weight Length x width x thickness = 17 cm x 4 cm x  2 cm, standard cable
length: 5 m, max. Length: 100 m, weight: 350 g without cable.