Circumference Dendrometer 2 (DC2) and Circumference Dendrometer 3 (DC3)

The DC2 and DC3 are the improved versions of the DC1. The sensor receives the circumference signal by means of a stem embracing cable wire. The cable wire consists of a special material (purpose specific alloy), with the lowest thermal expansion coefficient available. The elastic force of the sensor is not applied in tangential, but in radial direction (Please note the essential difference between the various circumference dendrometers). With this physical layout, the pressure of the wire cable to the tree adjusts automatically with the diameter The data of different tree sizes is comparable. Additionally to the cable wire, the sensor is firmly fixed with two additional weatherproof rubber bands. The slide rings reduce the friction between the wire cable and the tree bark. They also decrease the pressure on the tree.


  • Suitable for all diameters (> 5 cm)
  • Physical layout automatically adjusts contact pressure between wire cable and surface according to diameter, therefore good comparability between measurement data of trees with different diameter
  • No injury to plants
  • Stability against wind, snow, falling small branches and small fruits
  • Easy installation
  • Easy adjustment by the integrated turnbuckle


  • The data must be converted (free Excel program available)
  • The tree must be roughly circular


  • Complete with 5 m cable and 1 m wire cable

Options / Ordering Information

  • Cable extension (please specify in meters)
  • Extension of the wire cable (please specify in meters)
  • Free Excel program for data conversion
  • Data Logger



Technical specifications

Name Circumference Dendrometer 2 (DC2) Circumference Dendrometer 3 (DC3)
Suitable for tree size Diameter>5 cm Diameter>5 cm
Range of the sensor 15 mm 25 mm
Range of dendrometer
With reset unlimited unlimited
Without reset
for tree diameter of
10 cm
50 cm
100 cm
9.9 mm in Diameter
6.6 mm in Diameter
5.2 mm in Diameter
16.2 mm in Diameter
11.3 mm in Diameter
9.0  mm in Diameter
Accuracy ±2 µm ± 0.12% (CR1000 Logger) ±3.3 µm ±0.12% (CR1000 Logger)
Resolution 0.3-3.6 µm (dependent on used data logger) 0.4-.6 µm (dependent on used data logger)
Linearity 2% 0.7%
Thermal expansion coefficient of the wire cable <1,4 ×10-6/K
Thermal expansion coefficient of the sensor <0,2 µm/K
Operating conditions -25 to 70 °C air temperature, 0 to 100% relative air humidity