The DV dendrometer is used for high-precision and continuous measurement of vertical changes in dimension and/or curvature of tree stems. This device is suitable for long-term in outdoor conditions. Due to their extremely low power consumption, Ecomatik dendrometers are ideal for battery-powered solutions, e.g., in IoT applications.

The DV dendrometer is designed to continuously measure vertical changes (not growth) of trees. Tree stems and their respective sections vary in length and curvature, according to water status (short- to mid-term), wind direction and wind speed (short-term to permanent), snow and fruit load (mid-term to permanent), and unbalanced growth or loss of crown parts (long-term to permanent). Transcription of vertical changes, along with their directional information, provides valuable information to assess water status and static properties of a tree (stress-strain relationship, mechanical load/stability, etc.). Parallel measurements with three vertical dendrometers (each oriented in three different cardinal directions) are necessary for a complete overview of vertical changes.


  • Stress-strain relationship computation
  • Maximum stability against wind, snow, falling branches and fruit
  • Ideal for long-term measurements


  • Installation (drilling and screwing in the anchoring screws) damages the tree trunk (which could be minimized with wound closure resin).
  • Only suitable for diameters > 8 cm



Suitable for diameter

Measurement range

DV> 8 cm11 mm


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The output signal of all Ecomatik dendrometer models is an analogue DC voltage. Our dendrometers are therefore compatible with almost all common data loggers and microcontrollers with analogue voltage input channels (e.g. also Arduino). If you are unsure about the compatibility of an existing data logger, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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In the case of the plant scientist and founder of ECOMATIK, Dr. Liu, it was the idea that modern measurement technology should enable crucial plant physiological parameters to be measured directly, precisely and with high temporal resolution on the plant itself. It was obvious to him that there is an information potential of immense value in the detailed understanding of immediate reactions of plants to their environment...