SF-G / SF-L Granier Sap Flow Sensors

Sap flow sensors are used to continuously measure water uptake in woody plants. The SF-G model corresponds to the classic, two-needle model developed in 1985 by André Granier.

Our four-needle SF-L sensor is an updated Granier sensor. The patented improvements correct the naturally occurring and time-varying vertical temperature gradients in the sapwood. Without correction (i.e. the original Granier sensor, SF-G) and despite isolation, these natural temperature gradients can lead to a temporary over- or underestimation of the measured sap flow values of up to 50% in extreme cases (cf. Do, F., & Rocheteau, A., 2002). Additional temperature measurements with the SF-L sensor enable a correction of the measured sap flow values, which prevents errors caused by the natural vertical stem temperature gradients. This results in a significantly higher accuracy and a stabler zero-point (ΔTmax) of the xylem (sap) flow.

A very helpful option to exactly determine this zero-point would be to use a dendrometer in order to continuously measure the water saturation level of the tree body. This additional measurement allows for a precise determination of zero sap flow conditions: sap flow = 0 if the relative humidity in the crown at 100% and the tree body is 100% saturated with water (no change in diameter according to the dendrometer data). The improved SF-L sensor combined with dendrometer-aided precise determination of zero flow conditions, makes a running nocturnal zeroing of the sap flow (according to Granier) unnecessary. This process enables the recording of a nocturnal xylem flow.


Specific to the SF-G model

  • Suitable for tree diameters > 1 cm

Specific to the SF-L model

  • Greater measurement accuracy
  • Correct determination of the xylem flow zero point when supplemented with dendrometer measurements
  • Allows measurement of nocturnal xylem flow
  • Additional information about tree growth provided by installing supplementary dendrometers


Specific to the SF-G model

  • The measured values are superimposed by naturally occurring vertical temperature fluctuations in the trunk (up to +/- 2.5 ° C). This leads to measurement errors greater than 50% and may impact the reliability of measurement results.
  • Nocturnal sap flow cannot be measured. Because of the temperature overlaps, nocturnal measurement values have to be set to zero.

Specific to the SF-L model

  • Not suitable for trees with a diameter < 8 cm
  • 3 logger channels are required per sensor


Model name

Suitable for diameters

Sensor needle // heater element length in mm

> 1 cm18 // 10

> 2 cm
33 // 20
43 // 20
63 // 20
SF-L> 8 cm18 // 10
33 // 20
43 // 20
63 // 20


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