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Maxi-Measurement Systems, Customized System Integration

You know what to measure, we know how:

Each project is different. This is especially true in the scientific field.

A simple and cost-effective standard solution may be ideally suited to one case, whereas another case may require a more complex and individually designed measurement infrastructure.

In this context, our customers benefit from our years of experience, individually designing and implementing complete measuring systems. We are happy to assist you in any stage of your project, e.g. with a rough sketch required for initial planning or the project application, the concrete implementation at the start of a project, or when expanding a pre-existing measuring system.

With you and your project in mind, we determine which system optimally and most cost-effective fulfils your requirements. Important planning aspects include, for example:

  • Type and scope of the sensors (plant, weather, soil or optical sensors, webcams, etc.)
  • Energy supply source: power supply via grid connection or off-grid solar power system
  • Spatial distribution of sensors and logger systems: centralized or decentralized
  • Data transmission from logger to computer: manual data download or automatic data transmission via Ethernet, WiFi, LoRa, cellular network, satellite, etc.
  • Optional: notification and alarm function service through e-mail and/or SMS
  • Optional: data cloud service with user account management
  • Optional: online data visualization internally for your team, or presented as data dashboard with open access
  • Optional: maintenance of your running stations


  • Our open and modular systems are highly flexible and can be progressively extended in the course of your growing project: almost all sensors or other peripheral devices (such as a webcam) can be integrated.
  • Various data transfer options (wired, Ethernet, WiFi, LoRa, cellular network, satellite, etc.) directly to your server.


Practically none

Accessories & Compatible Products

Compatible sensors and peripherals:

Our open and modular system is highly flexible and easy to expand in stages. In this case, virtually all sensors or other peripheral devices (such as a webcam) can be integrated.

Ecomatik sensors include:

  • Dendrometers
  • Sap flow sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Leaf sensors
  • Humidity and air temperature sensor
  • Soil moisture sensors
  • And many more…


You need a quotation, have questions about a product, or need extensive technical advice in the context of your project planning. Starting with an initial determination of your needs, through the detailed planning of the required measurement equipment and data transmission technology, up to professional implementation on site, we are at your disposal at any time with advice and action.

General information on order processing

Thank you for your interest in our products and services! Here you will find important information about the ordering process:

To our international customers: Please note, we ship worldwide! If we do not currently have a listed distributor in your country (a list can be found here) , please feel free to contact us directly.

Assessment of your needs

With your consideration and input, we determine which of our products best meet your needs. We are also happy to design fully-integrated measuring stations (plant, climate, soil sensors), including an independent power supply and mobile data transmission, depending on your requirements.

Do you require our assistance before placing an order?

We are happy to help! So that we can provide you with correct and helpful advice, please fill out the online form below with your contact details and other information about your application and send it our way. We will then immediately review your details and contact you.

Are you already familiar with our products and know exactly what you need?

Perfect, then just write us an email! In your order, please state the diameter of your measuring objects in addition to the required cable lengths.

Your contact details and Assessment of your needs

Like so many things, everything started with an idea ...

In the case of the plant scientist and founder of ECOMATIK, Dr. Liu, it was the idea that modern measurement technology should enable crucial plant physiological parameters to be measured directly, precisely and with high temporal resolution on the plant itself. It was obvious to him that there is an information potential of immense value in the detailed understanding of immediate reactions of plants to their environment...