Data Logger System

We supply various data loggers including all operational components: logger enclosure, battery, solar power systems, data transfer via radio modem. The following is a selection of available data logger.


Dendrometer Logger (DL18)

Suitable for connecting 1-4 dendrometers, effects of temperature compensated, 16 bits, resolution 0.2-0.5 µm (denpendent on dendrometer types), RAM for 1 900 000 data storage (enough for one year measurement with 4 dendrometers, 1 min. measuring interval), , USB port, an internal battery lasts for more than 1 year measurement. Ideal for long-term measurement with dendrometer.
Supplied with a weather box and protective roof.


CR1000 Logger

Suitable for connecting Equitensiometer, Dendrometer, Sap Flow Sensors. 13 bits, 4 MB SRAM, RS232 Interface, 16 single-ended / 8 differential channels, expandable to over 100 channels with Mutiplexer.
Programming and support for specific applications.