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    Ecomatik IoP Measurement Systems

    Intelligent algorithms and machines, smart home, smart city, smart agriculture and the Internet of Things - modern communication technology, data processing and automation permeate all areas of human activity.

    Our plant sensor technology, in combination with the latest technology for energy-saving, long-range data transmission creates a new type of interface, connecting you to the Internet of Plants (IoP), opening the door to an entire world of new possibilities and applications.

    With the Ecomatik IoP products, information on a wide variety of plant vitality parameters and plant growth conditions can be continuously recorded and fed into further, subsequent information processing. The basis for a clear online data visualization for more efficient monitoring of vitality and growth behavior, simply from your desk or on the go on your mobile device, as well as further automation and optimization of your work-flow and production processes.

    Small, energy-saving and with a large number of connection options, the IoP LoRa node together with our Multi-Interface is a real all-rounder:
    If both devices are combined to form a Multi-IoP node, almost all Ecomatik sensors, but also many sensors from other manufacturers, can be integrated and result in a lean and cost-efficient solution for recording and transmitting the most relevant plant data and environmental parameters. Our IoP nodes can be connected to your existing LoRa WAN network or via The Things Network. If you do not yet have an existing LoRa network, we will be happy to find a gateway solution for your application.

    One of the many different sensor equipment options of a Multi-IoP node would be:
    1x soil moisture and soil temperature sensor
    1x trunk dendrometer
    1x fruit dendrometer
    1x LAT-B3 leaf temperature sensor
    1x Air humidity, air temperature and air pressure sensor

    You are very welcome to receive more individual configuration options on request.

    It's Ecomatik.
    We make your plants talk!

    Advantages of Multi-IoP Systems

    • Small, robust, weatherproof
    • High transmission ranges of more than 10 km possible (i.a. depending on the environment and the gateway used).
    • Compatible with a wide range of sensors with analog or digital outputs (SDI-12, I2C)
    • User-friendly: Sensor combination of the respective Multi-IoP node is customizable. Nodes are delivered fully pre-configured for the connected sensors.
    • Customizable programming of the measuring functions possible: e.g. calculation of different parameters from raw vlaues of connected sensors, averaging of several connected individual sensors, etc.
    • Precise and high-resolution analogue measurements
    • Low power consumption, battery-operated with internal, replaceable 8400 mAh battery, very long battery life (depending on the connected sensors and transmission interval)

    Limits of the Multi-IoP System

    • 4 analog input channels only
    • Without an external battery, not suitable for energy-intensive sensors (systems with external energy supply on request)

    Technical data

    Device name

    Multi-IoP (IoP LoRa Node + Multi-Interface)


    Battery-powered sensor measurements with remote data transmission under outdoor conditions

    Compatible Sensors

    Sensors with analog output signal, e.g.:
    - Dendrometer (all models)
    - Temperature probes (T series)
    - Leaf temperature sensor (LAT-B3)

    Sensors with digital output signal (SDI-12 & I2C), e.g.:
    - SMT100 soil moisture and temperature sensor
    - T/RH air sensor
    - light (PAR, pyranometer)

    Special Features

    small, robust in a weatherproof housing, inexpensive, easy to use, long battery life

    Number of Input Channels

    4 analog input channels, 1x SDI-12, 1x I2C

    Measurement & Transmission Interval

    Adjustable, depending on the connected sensor types. Suitable for most applications are intervals of 10 to 30 minutes.

    Transmission characteristics

    LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A

    Available frequency bands (please specify when ordering):

    Analog Measurement Resolution
    (noise-free, for ratiometric measurements)

    16.6 bits
    Dendrometer, depending on the model: 0.15 to 0.6 μm
    T-Series, LAT-B3: 0.0002 °C (at measuring temperature 25°C)


    ±0.1mV ±0.1% of reading

    Provided Sensor Supply-voltage for analog and digital Sensors

    3.3 V or 5 V (switched, regulated)

    Power & Battery Life

    8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery

    Battery life: typically > 1 year, depending on the measurement and transmission interval, connected sensors and radio signal strength at the gateway

    Configuration interface

    Programmable via AT commands in a serial terminal using a TTL serial adapter to connect node to PC with Windows or macOS operating system and via downlink. (If required nodes will be supplied pre-programmed)

    Operating conditions & Protection class

    normal outdoor conditions, IP67, temperature -20 to 70 ° C, 0 to 100% relative humidity

    Size & Weight

    6x10x5 cm (only node housing), 320 g (only LoRa IoP nodes with multi-interface, without connected sensors)

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      Technical data sheets

      Do you already know our references?

      You would like to gain an insight into our worldwide customer base or some of our interesting projects? You are interested in our certificates and awards or in some selected scientific publications?

      Accessories & Compatible Products:

      Compatible Sensors:

      Sensors with analog output signal, e.g.:

      • - Dendrometer (all models)
      • - Temperature probes (T series)
      • - Leaf temperature sensor (LAT-B3)

      Sensors with digital output signal (SDI-12 & I2C), e.g.:

      • - SMT100 soil moisture and temperature sensor
      • - T/RH air sensor
      • - light (PAR, pyranometer)


      You need a quotation, have questions about a product, or need extensive technical advice in the context of your project planning. Starting with an initial determination of your needs, through the detailed planning of the required measurement equipment and data transmission technology, up to professional implementation on site, we are at your disposal at any time with advice and action.

      General information on order processing

      Thank you for your interest in our products and services! Here you will find important information about the ordering process:

      To our international customers: Please note, we ship worldwide! If we do not currently have a listed distributor in your country (a list can be found here) , please feel free to contact us directly.

      Assessment of your needs

      With your consideration and input, we determine which of our products best meet your needs. We are also happy to design fully-integrated measuring stations (plant, climate, soil sensors), including an independent power supply and mobile data transmission, depending on your requirements.

      Do you require our assistance before placing an order?

      We are happy to help! So that we can provide you with correct and helpful advice, please fill out the online form below with your contact details and other information about your application and send it our way. We will then immediately review your details and contact you.

      Are you already familiar with our products and know exactly what you need?

      Perfect, then just write us an email! In your order, please state the diameter of your measuring objects in addition to the required cable lengths.

      Your contact details and Assessment of your needs

      Like so many things, everything started with an idea ...

      In the case of the plant scientist and founder of ECOMATIK, Dr. Liu, it was the idea that modern measurement technology should enable crucial plant physiological parameters to be measured directly, precisely and with high temporal resolution on the plant itself. It was obvious to him that there is an information potential of immense value in the detailed understanding of immediate reactions of plants to their environment...