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    Like so many things, everything started with an idea ...

    Before Dr. Liu, plant scientist and founder of ECOMATIK, lay the immensely valuable capacity to understand how plants immediately respond to their environment. This untapped potential gave Dr. Liu the idea to apply modern sensor technology to enable direct, automated measurement of crucial plant physiological parameters, precisely and with high temporal resolution.

    Dr. Liu’s vision led to the founding of ECOMATIK almost 30 years ago. Nowadays, this perspective complies with the broad scientific consensus and the application of IoT sensor networks that feed real-time data on plant and climate parameters into intelligent algorithms of smart farming service providers.

    With customers in more than 60 countries, ECOMATIK GmbH presently represents one of the world's leading manufacturers of plant sensors such as dendrometers, transpiration, and foliage temperature sensors. In deserts and rainforests, in polar regions and the tropics, ECOMATIK sensors can be used in bio-, geo- or environmental sciences as well as in practical applications (agriculture, forestry, horticulture, fruit-growing, viticulture, etc.).

    Our open framework enables us to integrate our own products in addition to those from other manufacturers for use in complex, customer-specific measurement and data systems (e.g. plant and environmental sensors, image & video, remote data transmission, online data visualization, etc.).

    In synergy with our steadily growing network of well-known partners and selected quality suppliers, our efficient ECOMATIK team combine the drive of an innovative, flexible and enthusiastic start-up with the experience of an established 30-year old company.

    It's ECOMATIK.
    Let's make your plants talk!